Technical Reference Guide Puts Wealth of Info at Your Fingertips

Technical Reference Guide for Medical Packaging | DuPont™ Tyvek®

DuPont technical and regulatory affairs experts have created the DuPont Technical Reference Guide for Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging to help medical device manufacturers, sterile packaging manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies make informed decisions in their selection and use of packaging materials.

The Technical Reference Guide contains extensive compliance data to help packaging engineers develop and validate the most appropriate solutions using Tyvek®. The use of this Technical Reference Guide can help you meet worldwide regulations and packaging standards, while accelerating product regulatory submissions and certifications.

In addition to extensive property data for Tyvek® medical and pharmaceutical packaging styles, the Technical Reference Guide includes comparisons of Tyvek® vs. medical-grade papers. Test results showing the compatibility of Tyvek® with all of the most commonly used sterilization methods, as well as the performance of Tyvek® after real-time and accelerated aging are also provided.

To help ensure that you achieve optimum results when using Tyvek® for medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications, the Technical Reference Guide also includes processing tips, troubleshooting information and guidelines for printing on Tyvek®.