Sustainable Packaging

Creating a Sustainable Packaging Future: Innovation to Reality

Using less, recycling more, making things lighter, and using renewable materials are all part of the package.

DuPont uses innovative material science and process optimization to create sustainable packaging solutions.

Today, stronger materials can optimize package weight to reduce shipping costs, fuel usage, and package failures. Renewably sourced materials can replace petroleum-based ones to help companies manage costs and reduce their carbon footprints.

Recycling and reuse are more important than ever. So we collaborate with customers around the world and across a range of industries to enable a future in which packaging can be recycled, or its value can be recovered.

Our focus is on creating the packages consumers want, and businesses need, through material and process optimization. From packaging manufacturing to recycling, sustainable packaging can make the entire life cycle simpler, less costly, and more efficient.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

DuPont has a proven history of driving practical, scalable solutions for sustainable packaging based on full life cycle assessment and business-driven collaboration with customers worldwide.