Overcoming Challenges in Food Packaging Waste and Cost Reduction

Bernard Rioux, Regional Marketing and Development Manager for DuPont Packaging, sees that food packaging manufacturers today face two challenges: achieving sustainability goals by reducing food packaging waste, and lowering costs. And they must do this while meeting customer expectations for tough yet attractive packages.

Because so much packaging is produced each year, even small reductions in food packaging waste can substantially reduce the environmental footprint. Rioux explains that, while polyethylene-based flexible packaging is thinner and lighter than rigid packaging, it has been pushed as far as it can go. He then demonstrates why the high-performance DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin is a true innovation.

In a typical paper-based pouch for a dry mix or salty snack, for example, Surlyn® can be used to create a layer one-third the size of other polyethylene layers, while maintaining package stiffness. This translates into less waste and lower food packaging costs.

A change to Surlyn® ionomer resin lowers packaging costs by reducing material costs by 13%, all while improving puncture resistance. These benefits can be extended to a variety of uses including packaging for snacks, dairy products, processed meats, personal care products and more