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ProShield® 6 SFR Coveralls

ProShield® 6 SFR Coveralls — Added Protection for Primary FR Garments

ProShield® 6 SFR Coveralls are designed to help protect and preserve primary flame-resistant garments.

Lightweight, limited-use over-garments, ProShield® 6 SFR Coveralls provide a barrier against non-hazardous particles and aerosols. This helps safeguard your investment in primary flame resistant protective garments from nuisance contamination. Scientifically engineered and tested, they won’t continue to burn when a flame source is removed. So you can be confident there’s a barrier of protection that won’t contribute to burn injury.

  • Lightweight protection that won’t continue to burn when a flame source is removed
  • Widely used for general maintenance
  • Available in blue
  • Garments are constructed as coveralls