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Tychem® Responder® CSM

Higher-Level Protection from Tychem® Responder® CSM

Tychem® Responder® CSM is scientifically engineered to handle the challenges of chemical warfare agents, military site cleanup, and HAZMAT first response.

Combining multiple barrier films laminated to both sides of a high-strength polypropylene substrate, Tychem® Responder® CSM provides high-level protection against toxic and corrosive gases and liquid chemicals. Tychem® Responder® CSM fabrics are tested by a third party laboratory to assess its chemical permeation resistance.  DuPont has data for over 330 chemicals for DuPont™ Tychem® Responder® CSM in SafeSPEC™ so that the user can select an appropriate garment.  Tychem® Responder® CSM is a patented fabric specialized for chemical weapon demilitarization.

  • Provides at least 30 minutes of protection against over 325 chemical challenges
  • Primarily used for  chemical weapon demilitarization
  • Available in desert sand for discretionary purposes
  • Garment styles include fully encapsulated vapor protective Level A and liquid-splash protective coveralls