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Tyvek® for Painting Applications

The Tyvek® Solution for Paint Applications

For all work involving the application of paint and finishes, DuPont offers Tyvek®, a range of coveralls that combines protection, comfort and durability.

Protecting people
With a protective barrier built into the material, Tyvek® coveralls help ensure that users enjoy efficient, high-performance protection. Tyvek® has an ultra-smooth surface that repels low concentrated inorganic liquids and aerosols and discourages solid particles from adhering. In addition, the coveralls are antistatically treated, so that when they and the wearer are correctly earthed, electrostatic charges can be dissipated.

Tyvek® protective gear is effective in the case of water-based and powder-based paint. Moreover, the Tyvek® fabric itself offers an excellent barrier against small size particles. Tyvek® coveralls also go well beyond the minimum requirements of the whole-suit type 5 test, offering protection against solid particulates (EN ISO 13982-2). Furthermore, being both air and moisture vapour permeable, wearer comfort is assured.

Protecting processes
Because Tyvek® garments are made of extremely dense, tough, fine, continuous pure high density polyethylene fibers, they do not shed or release paint-damaging compounds, and help minimize surface contamination while they are being treated. Furthermore, Tyvek® coveralls protect surfaces from contamination caused by operators’ hair, skin and particles on clothing worn underneath protective garments. The combination of the smooth surface of a Tyvek® garment and its antistatic treatment prevents particles from adhering.

Additional protection: Tychem® 6000 garments and accessories
For tasks linked to painting, as the preparation of the paint, cleaning or the use of solvent fountains, DuPont recommends its range of Tychem® 6000 lightweight, high-performance garments and accessories (sleeves, apron, gown, slip-retardant overboots). Tychem® 6000 also helps offer protection against biological risks, a broad range of highly concentrated inorganic chemicals and organic chemicals. For organic solvents like aromatic compounds and aliphatic hydrocarbons, the use of a Tychem® 6000 protective coverall should also be considered. Tychem® is very lightweight and low-linting, and, like Tyvek®, it is tear- and abrasion-resistant and contains no fillers or binders liable to be released by the material.

For more information about how to be effectively protected during paint activities, please download our flyer here.