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Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2

DuPont™ Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 Protective Apparel

Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 apparel is blue in color, breathable, lightweight and durable.


  • Made from DuPont™ Tyvek® brand flash spun polyolefin protective material
  • Unique, patented flash spinning process creates an inherent barrier to dry particles, microorganisms and non-hazardous liquids
  • Treated on both sides with a proprietary 2-1-2 blue coating and antistat
  • Garments available gamma sterilized to an SAL of 10-6
  • Cloth-like aesthetics
  • Full traceability on all sterilized apparel

For more information about Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 Cleanroom Apparel, visit DuPont™ SafeSPEC™