HAZMAT Protection

Preparing for the Worst with HAZMAT Equipment Protection

When faced with the toughest situations, HAZMAT garments from DuPont provide added protection and added peace of mind.

For the men and women who encounter hazardous materials on a daily basis, the job site can be just as dangerous as any battlefield. DuPont has developed HAZMAT garments to help protect against the chemical and biological hazards they face at work, DuPont has utilized rigorous testing and attention to detail in the development of DuPont™ Tychem® brand chemical protective garments — used by HAZMAT responders, law enforcement officers, hospital first receivers, and military personnel for protection against chemical and biological hazards. This family of garments helps protect against a variety of hazards -- from light liquid splash to heavy exposures of industrial chemicals and warfare agents. Whether on the front lines or behind the scenes, we believe that every worker deserves to be safe.