Automotive Seals

Autmotive seals
Viton® Fluoroelastomer Types for Use in Automotive Fuel Systems

High Performance Seals for Today’s Engines and Power Trains

Specialized, high-performance automotive seals, O-rings and gaskets made with DuPont™ Viton® are designed to meet the demands of oxygenate-rich gasolines, harsh engine oils and high engine temperatures.

As a result, Viton® can play an important part in helping vehicles meet more stringent emissions standards, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adhere to stricter standards and specifications.

Made for Today’s Engines

The automotive industry’s increasingly stringent emissions regulations, the increase in manufacturer warranty times and the elevation in engine temperatures re-set the checklist for material properties required for today’s fuel and engine oils.

These fuels can cause swelling, deterioration and increased permeation through many elastomeric materials. At the same time, smaller engines often use turbocharging or exhaust gas recirculation to boost performance, while meeting stringent emissions standards.

Selected for Long-Term Performance

The result is a need for automotive seals that can maintain long-term high performance under challenging conditions. For example DuPont™ Viton® fluoroelastomer based polymers are selected for:

Viton® for Automotive

  • Support of lower emissions in automotive fuel systems due to its lower permeation to the many fuel types used in today’s challenging underhood fuel system designs.
  • Chemical resistance properties where exposure to mineral based and synthetic based engine oils, automatic transmission fluids (ATF) and greases at high temperatures is required.

Viton®  properties include:

  • Low permeability to fuel of any type  
  • Can withstand temperatures to 225°C, with intermittent exposure to 285°C
  • Resists hydrocarbons and sour gasoline
  • Solvent and acid resistant
    Low compression set.
  • Excellent dynamic properties

Cutting Carbon Gases

Reducing carbon released into the atmosphere is a global priority, and new emissions requirements reflect that important fact. Engineers and designers are looking at every part with emissions regulations in mind, and so is DuPont. Viton® is already being used in many innovative ways in Europe, Asia and the USA to help meet the new emission regulations.

Goals include:

  • Eliminating vapor emissions from parked/non-operating vehicles.
  • Providing greater resistance to permeation and improved low-temperature sealing.
  • Supporting longer manufacturer warranties demanding longer hose and seal lifespans.
  • Designing for the higher temperatures resulting from tighter underhood conditions, due to  lighter, more efficient,and hotter engines.

Meeting Standards Worldwide

DuPont is collaborating with parts and vehicle OEM’s worldwide to meet the challenge of reducing emissions and cutting greenhouse gases.

Our global innovation centers and local experts can assist by suggesting Viton® types, starting point formulations, validation testing and specifications to select the right Viton® for the application(s), including:

  • Fuel system seals, -rings, gasket and custom shapes.
  • Engine and transmission seals, -rings and gaskets
  • Head and intake manifold gaskets.
  • O-rings, D-rings and similar seal configurations
  • Quick-connect O-rings.
  • Fuel injection seals.
  • Caulks.
  • Advanced fuel hose components.

As emissions standards continue to evolve, there’s peace of mind in knowing that a Viton® sealing solution specified, developed and tested locally can be relied on to perform on global OEM platforms.

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