DuPont™ 20 Series Polyethylene Resin

Pure, Consistent, Crack-Resistant, Low-Density Polyethylene Resin

An excellent choice for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and personal care packaging, DuPont™ 20 Series resins are proven to be clean, pure, and strong.

The DuPont™ 20 Series high-quality, low-density polyethylene resin offers outstanding purity, consistency, stress-crack resistance, and decorating flexibility. It is ideal for use in blow-fill-seal (BFS) vials, injection blow-molded bottles, injection-molded closures, and extruded tubing.

For pharmaceutical packaging, DuPont™ 20 Series resins meet extensive global regulatory compliance requirements, including listing in FDA Drug Master Files. Their decorating flexibility makes them well-suited for cosmetic, personal care, and food packaging applications.

This polyethylene resin can also offer cost and sustainability advantages. Its exceptional stress-crack resistance results in fewer rejected and returned packages, reducing waste. And excellent lot-to-lot consistency and high purity result in safer, higher quality products for consumers.