Bynel® Coextrudable Adhesive Resin

Versatile Adhesive Resin Joins Dissimilar Materials

Join the “unjoinable” to optimize structural integrity and avoid delamination in films, bottles, tubes, and other applications.

DuPont™ Bynel® coextrudable adhesive resin gives manufacturers and converters powerful solutions for multi-layer adhesion needs. It is used as a tie layer, creating a strong bond between dissimilar materials in bottles, tubes, thermoformable sheets, films, and non-packaging uses such as piping and building panels.

Bynel® adhesive resin can be a cost- and process-efficient choice, available pre-compounded in a range of grades. It can help optimize barrier, heat-seal and other functionalities in coextruded blown & cast film, extrusion coating/lamination, cast sheet, coex tubing, and blow molding.

Strong, flexible, interlayer adhesion supports replacing heavy glass or metal containers with lightweight, multi-layer barrier packaging, which can help reduce fossil fuel use (and costs) in distribution.



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