DuPont™ Purge Resin

Extruder Cleaning With DuPont Purge Compound

DuPont™ Purge Resin is a fractional melt index low density polyethylene purge compound that contains various additives to assist in purging and cleaning extruders.

This purge compound is supplied in resin form and is formulated with agents to help it wet and scour metal surfaces within the extrusion system. It also contains a blowing agent that helps to disrupt normal flow patterns and enhance scouring action. The purge compound resin normally will foam, snap and crackle as it leaves the die. A somewhat fishy, ammonia smell is detectable from the extrudate and feed hopper. When extruded, the purge compound resin has a grayish brown color and a very high viscosity at the die exit.

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