Surlyn® for Injection Molding

A Glass-Like Molding Resin that Expands Design Possibilities

Surlyn® PC injection molding resin delivers outstanding performance, premium aesthetics, and design freedom for rigid cosmetic jars and perfume bottles.

DuPont™ Surlyn® PC injection molding resin provides glass-like transparency, light weight, and ease of molding rigid bottles and jars into complex shapes. It gives brand owners the design freedom to combine decorative shapes and textures in myriad ways. And Surlyn® 3D over-molding technology further expands design possibilities by allowing for different inner and outer shapes for overmolded containers.

Surlyn® PC is used in injection molding for cosmetic cream jars, cosmetic bottles, and caps.

More Design Benefits than Glass without the Drawbacks

Surlyn® PC offers unique, glass-like clarity. Like glass, Surlyn® PC can be frosted, faceted, or finished to obtain special effects, or easily colored to create elegant translucency. It can cost-effectively combine matte and glossy surfaces in one design, plus it allows for creation of designs not possible with glass.

Unlike heavy, fragile glass, Surlyn® PC is lightweight and so durable, it won’t break when dropped.

Outstanding Performance Properties

Surlyn® PC injection molding resin also provides:

  • High gloss
  • A pleasant, warm touch
  • Excellent scratch resistance, eliminating the need to add coatings or varnishes
  • Superior abrasion and chemical resistance

Grades available include Surlyn® PC 100, 350, and 2000.

Surlyn® 3D: The Next Level of Design Freedom

Surlyn® 3D technology is used to design perfume bottles with more distinct shapes. Using Surlyn® 3D technology, a single or multi-layer polymer inner container is overmolded with glass-like, highly durable Surlyn®. This unique process enables cost-effective decoration of the inner and outer container surfaces and allows the same molds to be used in the production of Limited Editions and flankers.

Surlyn® 3D provides:

  • Unparalleled design freedom: Design different shapes for the inner and outer containers and use a range of visual effects — from glass-like transparency to colored translucence to frosted effects.
  • Unbreakability: Overmolded Surlyn® provides a protective, thick-walled outer shell with no risk of breakage. Compared to glass, it allows for greater control of wall thickness and tighter dimensional tolerances.
  • Lighter weight: Surlyn® 3D is ideal for “on-the-go” products such as luxury purse sprays.

Surlyn® 3D technology and Surlyn® PC injection molding resin offer a crystal-clear, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and cost-effective alternative to glass that expand the possibilities of rigid cosmetic packaging design.