Surlyn® for Polymer Modification

Polymer Modification Improves Toughness, Uniformity, and Processability

DuPont™ Surlyn® for polymer modification is used as a processing aid and compatibilizer in PET and has a unique use as a toughener in automotive parts.

When used for polymer modification, DuPont™ Surlyn® improves toughness and adds high gloss to automotive parts, increases uniformity in incompatible PET blends, and improves PET injection and extrusion blow molding processes.

Toughening Resin for Nylon

Surlyn® is a toughening resin for polyamides (nylon 6 and nylon 66). It becomes finely dispersed (<0.3µm particle size) in nylon, enabling single screw extruders to make toughened alloys.

For example, Surlyn® is used to increase toughness in automotive parts made from nylon.

Surlyn® as nylon toughener provides:

  • Excellent toughening at room temperature
  • Higher modifier loadings which increase toughness

Grades are available at different toughening strengths:

  • General purpose: Surlyn® 9520 and 9521
  • Intermediate: Surlyn® 9020
  • Super-Tough: Surlyn® 9320 and 9020 at higher loadings

Compatibilizer Resin in PET

Surlyn® 8920 as a Compatibilizer

Surlyn® can be used as a compatibilizer resin. Adding Surlyn® to incompatible PET polymer systems increases blending uniformity and enhances mechanical properties such as elongation, impact strength, and flexural (or bending) modulus. Resins that can be compatibilized with PET by using Surlyn® include LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and other polyolefins. Adding Surlyn® with Elvaloy® AC into CPET improves low temperature impact resistance in CPET trays.

Processing Aids for PET

Surlyn® 8920 as a Nucleant

Adding Surlyn® 8920 as a nucleating agent can reduce PET crystallization temperature in the injection molding process, which can speed up solidification of the PET melt, improve parts ejection, and shorten the molding cycle time for CPET and APET food trays.

Surlyn® 8920 as a Rheology Modifier

Surlyn® 8920 can also be used as a rheology modifier to improve PET compounding and downstream fabricating processability for injection molding, blow molding, and extrusion. Surlyn® can also alter melt viscosity and melt strength, resulting in improved product appearance, product performance, and processing productivity.  

With the ability to deliver high performance for a variety of uses, Surlyn® is an excellent resin for polymer modification.