Vespel® Polyimide Parts Heat Resistance Video

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Vespel® vs PEEK and PAI

In this video, disks of polyimide (Vespel® SP-1 and SCP-5000), PEEK and PAI are placed under a .25 kg load in an air oven @ 370°C. See the resulting distortion of PEEK and PAI disks.

Vespel® parts can operate continuously from cryogenic temperatures to ~288°C with excursions to ~482°C. Due to the superior heat resistance of polyimides, Vespel® parts maintain consistently high performance, even when subjected to high temperatures for extended periods. Many physical properties of Vespel® may be comparable to some high-performance polymers at room temperature, but its excellent property retention, even after extended service at extreme temperatures, makes Vespel® parts the choice when other plastics can’t take the heat.