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Woman running with stroller made of thermoplastic components

Engineering Thermoplastics

Proven Engineering Thermoplastics for Your Toughest Challenges

DuPont thermoplastics offer high-quality performance materials, backed by a skilled global team focused on collaborative application development.

DuPont is working with customers to make thermoplastics better. From better products and processes to better business and social outcomes, DuPont performance materials and applications resources are focused on making things better at every point in the value chain.

Whether the challenge is durability, stiffness, workability, finish or strength, our broad range of thermoplastics support design freedom, without sacrificing performance. And our application resources are equally mindful of performance, timing and cost-effectiveness with each project, in industries from automotive to electronics, consumer goods to industrial markets.

Wherever you have engineering, molding or manufacturing operations, DuPont is ready to help, with locally based technical support in 65 countries and production/compounding sites strategically placed in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


  • A look at DuPont polymer properties and application development opportunities.

    Polymer Properties Guide

  • Heat Resistant Plastics

    DuPont offers a wide range of heat resistant plastics to replace metal, ceramics and other polymers in uses from automotive engines to oil and gas production.

  • Low Friction Plastic

    Low friction plastic applications developed in collaboration with DuPont experts can help improve durability and performance, reduce maintenance, and can even contribute to reduced use of fossil fuels.

  • Zytel® HTN is a cost-effective solution in auto, industrial, & other uses.

    Zytel® HTN