Automotive - Engine Covers/Housings

Enhanced Durability for Extreme Environments - Engine Covers

Superior resistance to aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures, great surface appearance and low cost of processing make the DuPont™ Zytel® family the ideal material for sealed and unsealed engine and driveline covers and housings.

Sealed Engine and Driveline Covers and Housings

Engine covers and housings provide the function as an effective seal containing critical gases and fluids, and they perform many additional functions such as vibration isolation, pressure regulation of blow-by-gases, the extraction and return of oil-mist from blow-by-gases and a attaching locations  to secure other components.

Zytel® has the high dimensional stability, high temperature and fluid  resistance and heat deflection temperature necessary to accommodate the various functions of engine covers and housings. In addition to the engine covers, Zytel® can also be a perfect choice for covers and housing used in other driveline systems, such as transmissions, transfer cases and differentials.

Where even higher levels of strength, stiffness and dimensional stability are required, Zytel® PA and Zytel® HTN PPA resins contain long-glass fiber reinforcement provide a great lightweight alternative to metals. All these materials have been thoroughly tested with regard to heat aging, fatigue leakage and mechanical strength, and have excelled in all the tests. Zytel® is able to withstand the high temperatures and pressures found in diesel engines, and it outperforms its aluminum counterparts. Five injection-molded parts can replace a multitude of individual aluminum parts, reducing production and assembly costs as well as product weight.

Front Covers

Zytel® nylon has also been successfully used in place of metal for a front cover for a turbo-diesel engine. The Zytel® front cover offers the necessary mechanical strength to withstand the assembly process and the heat and chemical resistance to endure the engine bay environment.

Non-Sealed Acoustic Engine Covers

Zytel® PLUS nylon is used in award-winning, non-sealed acoustic engine covers. It provides a high-gloss, uniform appearance and high standard mechanical properties despite long-term exposure to extreme temperatures common in turbo engines. In addition, Zytel® products can be assembled efficiently and accurately, while providing significant savings in cost and weight.