Great Stuff Pro™ Dispensing Gun Maintenance



Once a new can of foam has been attached to the dispensing gun, keep attached (up to 30 days) until you're finished and ready to switch to a different can of GREAT STUFF PRO™. When you're done for the day, completely close the gun's regulating valve and store your gun, with the can of foam attached, in a cool, dry place. Note: You can clean your gun when switching between cans.

The acetone in GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gun Cleaner can adversely affect the curing of GREAT STUFF PRO™ foam, so keep it away from any foam that's curing.


GREAT STUFF PRO™ Gun Cleaner comes with two attachments to help keep your gun, and any product cans, in good working order — a black gun adapter mechanism and a red spray nozzle.

To clean the gun after removing an old can and before adding a new one:

  • You don't need to attach the can of cleaner to the gun.
  • Place (or keep) the attachment to the Gun Cleaner can.
  • Spray the Gun Cleaner on the basket of the dispensing gun. Otherwise, foam from the removed can will cure and the gun will stick to the can.
  • Attach the gun to the new can and spray the old foam into a waste receptacle until new foam comes out, showing uniform color and consistency.

To clean inside the gun:

  • Make sure the black gun adapter mechanism is on top of the cleaner can.
  • Attach your gun to it.
  • Press the gun trigger to remove any residual foam from inside the gun.

To clean the outside of your gun and any GREAT STUFF PRO™ can:

  • Apply the red spray nozzle.
  • Spray the cleaner to remove any uncured foam outside the gun.
  • Spray the cleaner on top of any GREAT STUFF PRO™ can to remove uncured foam.

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