GREAT STUFF PRO™ Construction Adhesive


The Overachieving Adhesive

When you need a heavy-duty adhesive, premium-grade GREAT STUFF PRO™ Wall & Floor is up to the task. It’s a single-component, moisture-cured foam adhesive.


This low-pressure, flexible polyurethane foam:

  • Seals subfloors, drywall, paneling, foam panels and most construction materials.
  • Provides a fast-grab tack and long-term bond to lumber, plywood, particle board, masonry, drywall, concrete and foam panels.
  • Works on dry, damp and frozen lumber.
  • Goes on with a foam-dispensing gun for greater precision and access to hard-to-reach places.
  • Comes in a can that’s reusable for up to 30 days, minimizing waste.
  • Is available in 26.5-oz. (751 g) cans.

Not available for sale in California's South Coast Air Quality Management District.


Down To The Details Of GREAT STUFF PRO™ Construction Adhesive


Select your GREAT STUFF PRO™
dispensing gun.

We offer a choice of four dispensing guns for applying GREAT STUFF PRO™ products for bead size control and precise placement.

Great Stuff Pro™ Dispensing Gun

How To Use GREAT STUFF PRO™ Construction Adhesive

Read all instructions and safe handling information before you start. GREAT STUFF™ products should not to be used for filling closed cavities or voids such as behind walls and under tub surrounds.


Great Stuff™ Insulating Foam Sealants Safe Handling

For warnings and precautions, disposal information and more, download GREAT STUFF™ Consumer Safety Information or view our safe handling videos.

Download User Safety Information Download Consumer Safety Information Renseignements Sur La Sécurité Du Produit Great Stuffmc Pour Le Consommateur Sur La Sécurité Du Produit Mousse D'étanchéité Isolante Great Stuff Promc

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