Our priorities

Here’s what we’re committing to 


innovate now

Create sustainable innovations to help society thrive and address its most pressing challenges


Delivering innovation for global challenges

We are using the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as a guiding set of principles to understand what the world needs action on now. Through this commitment, we intend to shift our innovation processes to purposefully drive towards solutions that address the global challenges included the UN SDGs. We are not simply looking to map our portfolio to the themes identified in the SDGs, but to proactively and intentionally use the SDGs as inspiration and to drive decision making and investments in our innovation processes.



Solving the challenges defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals creates shared value.

Align 100% of our innovation portfolio to meaningfully advance the UN SDGs and create value for our customers.


Enabling a circular economy

In a resource-constrained world that is only 9% circular, we recognize the need to move away from linear “take-make-dispose” models and better understand how our innovations can enable a low carbon and circular economy. We are committed to developing new business models that design out waste, keep materials in use, and support more regenerative and restorative systems. We know this transition will take time and requires collaboration in our value chains to create impact at scale.



The clearest path to a sustainable world is to transition to a low carbon and circular economy.

Integrate circular economy principles into our business models considering lifecycle impacts in the markets we serve. 


Innovating safer by design

Chemistry touches all aspects of our lives and is an essential part to achieving a truly sustainable planet and society.  The science that underpins what is safe and what is not, continually evolves, and we believe that technology developers must ask the right questions at the right time. We see a future where all materials are safer by design and are committed to building a portfolio that moves us in that direction. Through process and portfolio transparency, collaborations with external experts, and a culture that embraces the green chemistry principles, we will accelerate the adoption of safer alternatives in the marketplace.



In a thriving world, all materials and technologies must be safer by design.

Design 100% of our products and processes using sustainability criteria including the principles of green chemistry.


protect now

Operate sustainably by delivering world-class, end-to-end performance in safety, resource efficiency and environmental protection.


Acting on climate

The impact of climate change is widespread across both human populations and natural ecosystems. Addressing climate change, and the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that contribute to it, requires urgent action and long-term commitments by every segment of society. With this commitment, we will act to drive down our GHG emissions at a pace that is aligned with climate science. We will procure our electricity from more renewable sources, ramp up our work on energy efficiency projects that deliver the most value and advocate for consistent, predictable policy and regulatory environments that foster innovation, investment and economic growth.



There is an urgent need for climate action, and we must go further and faster to meet the Paris Agreement commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce Green House Gas (GHGs) emissions 30% including sourcing 60% of electricity from renewable energy.

Deliver carbon neutral operations by 2050.



Leading water stewardship

In the next three decades, the demand for water will increase by 50-70% for the municipal and industrial sector. Water stewardship is becoming increasingly important as scarcity and quality concerns continue to grow. As a leading global manufacturing company, DuPont depends on a stable water supply to make quality products that serve society. We understand that although the importance of water stewardship is a global issue, water withdrawal, consumption, and quality, must be managed locally. Increasing competition for water demands immediate action, and a steep change in the way that companies manage water. We recognize the need to manage the water needs of today while securing water for the future. We also recognize that we cannot do it alone and must collaborate with our stakeholders in new innovative ways to address underlying shared water challenges.



Water is a precious, undervalued resource and is essential for the world to thrive.

Implement holistic water strategies across all facilities prioritizing manufacturing plants and communities in high-risk watersheds.

Enable millions of people access to clean water through leadership in advancing water technology and enacting strategic partnerships.


Delivering world-class health and safety performance

Our core value of Safety and Health is the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for, and what we do. We will make consistent, measurable progress in demonstrating our Commitment to Zero throughout our worldwide operations and support Responsible Care® and other globally recognized management systems as key programs to achieve this our commitment.



Protecting the health and safety of our workers is foundational to our success.

Further our commitment to zero injuries, occupational illnesses, and incidents.


empower now

Enabling the health and well-being of people and communities and advance diversity and inclusion.


Accelerating diversity, equity & inclusion

The interconnected nature of the global economy requires businesses to tap into new markets, new customers and new ways of solving problems. We believe we can gain a competitive advantage by creating an inclusive workplace made up of employees from diverse backgrounds with unique points of view. At DuPont, diversity and inclusion is bigger than race, gender, religion and sexuality; we also seek out diversity of thought. We are investing in programs that help our employees feel engaged, supported and encouraged, allowing them to express their individualism and apply their creativity to solving the world’s problems.



Diversity, equity and inclusion foster innovation, customer understanding and vibrant workplaces.

Become one of the world’s most inclusive companies, with diversity well ahead of industry benchmarks.


Cultivating well-being & fulfillment

Employees carry the stresses of their personal lives with them to work every morning and take the stresses of their jobs home with them every night. We aim to create a work environment that concentrates on improving holistic well-being for each employee, on and off the job. We are rolling out programs and policies that focus on wellness, health, professional development and job satisfaction. We want every experience between DuPont and its employees to be a positive one, from Day 1 until retirement.



Concern for employee opportunity, experience, and purpose drives well-being and fulfillment.

Create a workplace where employees report high levels of well-being and fulfillment.


Building thriving communities

There will be nearly 10 billion people in the world by 2050, while the carrying capacity of the world’s resources is estimated to be 8-9 billion.  Many of the fastest growing populations will be in low- and middle-income countries. At Dupont, thriving communities are at the heart of our purpose.  With this commitment, we will leverage all our assets – people, products, partnerships, and the power of innovation – to give millions of people the opportunity to grow and thrive, no matter where they call home. In a world where everyone deserves the chance to be safe, healthy, nourished and educated, we’re committed to help make this a reality.



We can transform communities around the world through our products, people, and partnerships.

Improve over 100 million lives through targeted social impact programs.