Meat, Poultry & Seafood

Meat Safety from Source to Table

Ensuring the safety and quality of your meat, poultry, or seafood products is critical to the success of your business. From food testing to refrigerants, DuPont offers comprehensive solutions to help producers provide fresh, safe products to their customers.

The award-winning BAX® detection system provides a fast, accurate genetic method for ensuring meat safety by detecting pathogens in food samples. And the RiboPrinter® System helps track and identify unknown bacterial isolates at or below the species level.   

Sophisticated DuPont™ Danisco® ingredients help meat producers improve yield, enhance texture, reduce syneresis, and extend shelf life. And our food and nutrition scientists help develop customized soy protein solutions for producers in many areas, like texture and meat cultures.

Innovative DuPont technologies, including flexible packaging materials and sealants, help to optimize production efficiencies while ensuring that safer, more appetizing food reaches the consumer.

From production facilities to the store, industry-leading DuPont refrigeration technologies keep meat, poultry, and seafood fresh. With retrofits from HCFCs and Low Global Warming Potential solutions, we’re helping food producers protect the environment and the bottom line.

From meat, poultry, and seafood ingredients to meat safety testing systems and packaging, DuPont works with producers to develop a world of solutions.