Military Protection

Soldier (Force) Protection – Protecting our Protectors

From head to toe, mounted or dismounted – DuPont provides material science for personal protection including military armor.

The men and women of our armed forces volunteer to defend our nation; they steel themselves for sacrifice. Duty, honor, country, courage, commitment all are values they embrace. DuPont salutes their service and their values.. We believe these men and women should be protected in battle with the best equipment America can provide. Our scientists, engineers, and business professionals are committed to making products that help protect our protectors – the volunteer warfighter. They carry a heavy enough burden, so we must lighten their loads with innovative technologies and materials for military body armor, combat helmets, vehicle armor and more.

Supplying the U.S. Military with critical materials is our heritage. They were our first customer in 1802, and we are proud (210 years later) to still call on them as our customer. Today, products made from DuPont™ Kevlar® and Nomex® fiber are used in military body armor, helmets, flight suits, and chemical protective suits.

Our core value is safety; our core mission is to help bring you home safe!