Printing & Package Printing

Printing and Package Printing Solutions

DuPont offers a wide array of materials, equipment and systems for the printing and package printing industries that offer high quality, productivity and sustainable solutions.

For printers/converters that need the highest possible quality of flexographic output at the pace of today’s demanding customers, DuPont™ Cyrel® Flexographic Systems offer unsurpassed quality and the shortest turnaround times from design to final package.

Other printing and package printing solutions from DuPont include high-quality inks and substrates.

DuPont inks for wide format printing are UV and water-resistant, giving them the strength to endure even the harshest of outdoor elements. Our aqueous-based Artistri® textile inks are specially formulated for all fabric groups and offer brilliant colors, fastness and robust print reliability.

DuPont printing substrates help bring strength, durability and vibrant colors to everything you print—banners that won’t fade or rip under punishing exposure to the elements, ski tags that will survive the most challenging downhill runs all day and labels for everything from construction to horticulture to shellfish, if it has to last it should be printed with DuPont Graphics.