Tyvek® Helps Reduce Hospital Costs

Tyvek® for Medical Packaging Helps Reduce Hospital Costs

DuPont™ Tyvek® for medical packaging has been helping to protect the health of literally millions of patients worldwide by helping to keep medical devices and supplies that start sterile to stay sterile.

In addition to helping you improve patient outcomes by maintaining sterility of medical devices and supplies to the point of use, Tyvek® for medical packaging can help you reduce costs in the healthcare setting. 





Results in Less Waste

The superior tear strength and puncture resistance of Tyvek®—even from the irregular or sharp edges of many surgical devices—means far fewer packages get damaged, so there is significantly less waste. 





Enhances Speed and Efficiency

The clean peel and low-lint features of Tyvek® enhance presentation and enable virtually particulate-free delivery of devices and supplies into the sterile field. This ease of opening and low risk of tears minimizes the risk of contamination and helps enhance speed and efficiency in the operating room and other clinical settings. 





Helps Reduce Risk of HAIs

With its outstanding resistance to microbial penetration and clean peel and low-lint features, Tyvek® for medical packaging helps maintain the sterility of medical devices and supplies to the point of use and minimizes the risk of contaminating the sterile field.  This can help reduce the risk of readmissions due to healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) that are possibly caused by breaches in sterile packaging.