Belts made with Kevlar® K29 AP

Kevlar® Belts for Longer Belt Life

With increased tenacity and strength, Kevlar® K29 AP can help improve belt life by 60% and reduce manufacturing costs.

In independent testing by belt manufacturing companies, Kevlar® belts made with DuPont™ Kevlar® K29 AP showed a 60% improvement in belt life over the standard Kevlar® K29 product, with a 15% reduction in cord content in the belt.

This significantly longer belt life is made possible by the increased tenacity and strength of Kevlar® K29 AP. Because this longer belt life can be achieved with a reduction in cord content, belt manufacturers can reduce costs, while creating a more robust product.

In addition, the improved fiber finish of Kevlar® K29 AP, which is based on DuPont ballistic finish technology, helps provide enhanced processing for higher-speed fiber handling.