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Kevlar® for Protective Motorcycle Apparel

DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers are used in thread or fabric to reinforce protective motorcycle garments and help provide improved tear and abrasion resistance so that the rider can enjoy the ride.

Motorcyclists cannot rely on a vehicle body to protect them after a crash. Their protection is first a defensive riding style which hopefully allows them to avoid the accident and second is based on the quality of their protective apparel.

Defensive riding is helped by comfortable and properly fitting gloves, jackets and pants which is why riders choose more and more textile apparel. DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber based reinforcements in gloves, jackets or pants are comfortable and help allow easy long term maintenance for continued good fit.

In the case of a crash, motorcyclists slide over the tarmac where apparel can tear or abrade exposing the skin. Using Kevlar® thread to assemble garments and reinforcing the garments with Kevlar® fiber based liners can give the rider additional protection. Additionally, riders may want to source garments that have been tested in accordance with publicly recognized safety standards, for example the norm EN13595:1-2002.

Our Garment Makers Licensees for the Kevlar® Motorcycle Apparel Program:

Faaz International, Pakistan

Mir Yousaf, Pakistan



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