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Fuel Hose Case Study
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Best-in-Class F200 Fuel Hose & Tubing

Achieve exceptional F200 automotive fuel hose and tubing performance with DuPont™ Viton®, DuPont™ Teflon®, and DuPont™ Kevlar®.

We are committed to applying our science and innovation to help deliver the best fuel hose and tubing performance materials.


The patented F200 barrier hose is suitable for fuel filler neck, tank jumper, vapor vent, and in-tank applications, as well as engine jumper locations subject to intensive heat.

Fuel Hose and Tubing Solution

The F200 barrier hose design utilizes the inner-layer sealing and permeation benefits of’ Viton® fluoroelastomer and adds the further permeation characteristics of FEP film, with Kevlar® aramid fiber reinforcement.

Fuel Hose and Tubing Performance Results

This construction, made from the DuPont products above, is commercially available for fuel hoses for permeation resistance through the wall and at the coupling ends.

Low Permeation — the F200 hose has demonstrated lower permeation of CE10 reference test fuel mixture (90% ASTM Fuel C, 10% ethanol) over extended 840-hour competitive tests versus NBR-THV-NBR-CPE and THV-ECO low-permeation hose constructions.