Tyvek® for Electronics Active Packaging


Tyvek® for electronic desiccant provides reliable protective packaging


Key challenges:
Electronic elements are usually of high value and very sensitive to humidity, static electricity  and particles. Expose to  those may result in irreversible damage and huge economic loss. Desiccants are essential to ensure the required environmental humidity during storage and transportation. Mean-while the package need to meet strict standards to avoid potential risk to the elements.

What Tyvek® can provide:

  • Material not containing restricted chemicals above the limits, as listed in European Directives, such as RoHS (Directive 2015/863/EU) or REACH Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). 
  • Puncture resistance helps prevent the bag to burst.
  • Performance helps meet requirements of MIL-D-3464E military specification.
  • Low linting and a smooth surface that avoid particle release and scratching.
  • Anti-static treatment helps minimize electrostatic discharge.

Product offerings:
Tyvek® 1025D, Tyvek® 1056D