Kevlar® for PPE


Reliable mechanical protection against a range of multiple hazard risks...

For more than 50 years, garments made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber have been providing wearers access to industry-leading Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) solutions. Front line workers across a range of applications prefer garments made with Kevlar® because they offer high protection benefits and are also lightweight and comfortable. Garments made with Kevlar® is commonly found in Law Enforcement, Emergency Response and Industrial Manufacturing environments.

Kevlar® was designed to perform a cut above the competition…

The development of Kevlar® was the result of many years of material science innovation conducted by DuPont technical teams. This investment in research and development led to the creation of Kevlar® and other proprietary new fiber technology solutions. Workers who wear PPE made with Kevlar® can now do their jobs knowing their PPE features the benefits of decades of DuPont material science innovation.

Cut and Thermal protection designed for a range of applications…

Workers know that gloves and sleeves made with Kevlar® provide protection that meets or exceeds industry safety standards. Garments made with Kevlar® can also withstand temperatures up to 900° F for extended periods due to the inherent flame-resistance of the fiber. Kevlar® will not burn or melt, unlike standard materials like nylon and leather, so it represents a smarter choice for workers who encounter both cut and thermal hazards as part of their daily tasks.


Gloves made with Kevlar®—Dare to protect


Kevlar® Engineered Yarns

The patented technology of Kevlar® engineered yarns delivers next-generation performance, protection and comfort.


Innovating for sustainability

DuPont Personal Protection brings together some of the most trusted names in personal protective equipment (PPE)—Tyvek®, Tychem®, Nomex® and Kevlar®—to provide unparalleled solutions that protect workers against chemical, thermal, electric arc, mechanical and other workplace hazards.

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Cut & mechanical protection 

Only Kevlar® can protect against multiple hazards, while keeping workers comfortable. And DuPont can help guide you through the new standards, innovation possibilities and more.


Kevlar® for emergency response  

100% Kevlar® is inherently flame resistant and doesn’t ignite, melt or degrade in heat.

Technical videos showing Kevlar® performance

Cut & mechanical protection technical videos

See the performance of Kevlar® put to the test.

Kevlar® Innovation Awards drives innovations in Kevlar® protection

Protection Innovation Award

The Protection Innovation Award gives authorized licensees an opportunity to showcase how they advanced their designs with Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers to challenge the norms of traditional protection.