Protection Innovation Award

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Introducing the 2023 Protection Innovation Award winners

The results are in for the 10th annual Protection Innovation Award! Congratulations to the 2023 winners for showcasing excellence in innovation through the use of Nomex® and Kevlar® fibers for hand and arm protection, and redefining the standards for performance and comfort in worker protection.

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The market for protective equipment solutions has evolved. And so has our recognition program.

For the last 10 years, DuPont recognized Kevlar® brand licensees for their innovative new applications for Kevlar® in hand and arm protection solutions. As of 2023, this program is now called the Protection Innovation Award which recognizes the innovative use of not just Kevlar®, but also Nomex® yarns and fibers in personal protective solutions for hands and arms.


Now, brand licensees can showcase differentiated new products in their portfolios, positioning their companies as a leading supplier of revolutionary personal protection equipment.

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2023 Winners

PIP® Kut Gard® Arc Flash Sleeve (S13ARCGY/N4-18, S13ARCGY/N4-18T)

A first-to-market product that features Kevlar® and Nomex® fibers in a single arc rated protective design. This sleeve features a seamless knitted single-ply shell, made with or without a thumbhole, for superior comfort and protection. It represents the latest addition to an impressive portfolio of PIP® hand and arm protection solutions. The newly launched arc flash sleeve also offers mechanical protection to ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 (Cut Level A4, Abrasion Level 3) standards as well as Contact Heat (Level 2) protection. An additional benefit includes NFPA 70E Arc Rating of PPE 2 (15.0 cal./cm2) for protection against electrical arc flash hazards. Designed for use in Automotive, Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas and Electrified Vehicle (EV) applications.

Kut Gard® is a registered trademark of PR Industries.

The PIP® logo is a registered trademark of Protective Industrial Products, Inc.®

Youngstown Glove Waterproof Extreme Winter Mitt (Part# 12-3490-60)

This winter mitt was designed for use in the harshest cold weather conditions. It features a unique ‘trigger finger’ mitt design for good dexterity while also keeping the hands warm. The glove offers a multiple layer design including a flame-resistant (FR) fleece liner and a layer of comfortable Nomex® 120g insulation. An integrated liner made of 100% Kevlar® fiber provides reliable cut protection. A waterproof membrane layer over a double-layered leather outer shell helps protect the wearer against cold weather elements. A gauntlet cuff allows for winter jackets to easily fit underneath cuff. This glove provides mechanical protection to ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 (Cut Level A4, Puncture Level 5) standards. It also offers an Arc Flash rating (100 cal./cm2) that is based on the ASTM F2675/F2675M-22 test standard. Designed for workers in the Utilities, Oil & Gas and Construction segments.

The Youngstown Glove Company® logo is a registered trademark of Youngstown Glove Company®.

2023 Winners

Mechanix Wear® Durahide™ Needlestick LE Glove NSLE-55

This glove offers unique protection for first responders against hypodermic needles, cutting blades and other sharp objects. The main protection benefits are derived from a proprietary Mechanix Wear® ArmorCore™ needlestick resistant technology, based on a spun yarn featuring Kevlar® fiber as a component material, for reliable puncture protection across the palm and fingers. It also features an outer shell of Durahide™ FR Goat Skin leather, a rollover fingertip construction and Hot Stamp texture on the fingertips and palm. Kevlar® sewing thread is used throughout to help with strength and durability. An adjustable Hook & Loop closure, low-profile cuff and touchscreen compatibility further enhance the performance of the glove. The glove offers mechanical protection to ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 Cut Level A7 standards and ASTM F2878 Level 2 Needlestick Puncture certification. Designed for protection against hazards that Police Officers, SWAT Units and Corrections officers face in their jobs.

The Mechanix Wear® logo and Durahide® are registered trademarks of Mechanix Wear LLC®.

ArmorCore™ is a trademark of Mechanix Wear LLC®



2022 Winners

Youngstown Glove Company FR Mechanics Hybrid 12-2112-10 Glove

This glove provides multi-hazard protection and dexterity needed by gas Utilities workers and is certified as compliant with the NFPA® 2112 standard for hand protection. The glove is sewn in Youngstown’s form-fit pattern for excellent dexterity and comfort for the wearer. It includes durable top of hand protection and a liner made of 100% Kevlar® fiber. The exterior features an FR goat leather palm with FR Hi-Viz safety lime color outer shell and Hi-Viz fingertips. This glove offers excellent flame protection, while also providing cut and puncture resistance and an arc flash Category 2 rating.  Youngstown is recognized as a leader in hand protection for Utility workers with more than 15 years spent refining their designs to provide superior dexterity and comfort combined with long lasting durable protection.

NFPA® 2112 is a registered trademark of National Fire Protection Association. FR Mechanics Hybrid 12-2112-10 is a trademark of Youngstown Glove Company. 

Bulwark iQ Series® Advantage Grip Guard 200FR GG200C Glove

This glove is certified as compliant with the NFPA® 2112 standard for hand protection and features an 18-gauge seamless knit liner that provides high dexterity with excellent comfort. The iQ Series® Advantage Collection FR set consists of five new gloves, ranging from lightweight seamless knit to durable cut-and-sewn gloves, making it the first broad range of NFPA® 2112 compliant FR hand protection. All five styles are NFPA® 2112 certified and provide the wearer protection against a range of cut, thermal and arc hazard risks. This recognition for the GG200C represents the first time that Bulwark, leading supplier of FR apparel for workers in the oil & gas industry, has received a DuPont Protection Innovation Award for hand protection. This innovative glove built with Nomex® Xtreme Cut technology features Kevlar® Xtreme FR engineered yarns, FR resistant neoprene palm dip coating and FR bumpers back-of-hand for high-performance impact resistance.

iQ Series® Advantage Grip Guard 200FR GG200C is a registered trademark of Bulwark.

2021 Winner

Ansell HyFlex® 11-290 with INTERCEPT™

Ansell HyFlex® 11-290 with INTERCEPT™ Technology and Kevlar® Comfort Engineered Yarn, this comfortable sleeve features an ergonomic design with ANSI/ISEA 105-16 A5 cut protection. Nine compression zones regulate pressure levels to enhance blood circulation and stabilize arm muscles, aiding in the prevention of injuries. Its ergonomic design makes for a perfect fit, and breathable material improves comfort throughout the day. Strong thermo-resistant fibers protect users against heat up to 100C/212F (EN407 contact heat protection level 1). Additionally, an integrated elbow pad protects against impact and extends the longevity of the product.

2020 Winners

Ironclad® Heatworx® Heavy Duty FR Glove HW6XFR

Ironclad® HW6XFR is constructed using materials that meet the NFPA 2112:2018 standard and has been certified to that new benchmark for flame and heat protection. The glove features a shell made with 100% Kevlar® and a Kevlar®/ Nomex® palm liner, Nomex® thread seams, molded silicone palm and silicone coated fabric in the finger sidewalls, knuckles and cuff. The glove offers ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 Level 2 cut protection ANSI/ISEA 105 Level 5 contact heat protection.

MCR Predator® Impact CutPro® PD43612

Driver-style work glove features premium grain goatskin hide shell, a palm with Kevlar® blend and thermoplastic rubber impact back of hand protection with ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 Level A9 cut, Level 4 abrasion and Level 5 puncture resistance with ANSI/ISEA 105 Level 3 contact heat and ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 1 impact protection.

Mechanix Wear® WS-REG

Welding and fabrication glove features Durahide™ Boar leather shell, liner made with 100% Kevlar® with Kevlar® thread seams and patented rollover fingertip construction. The glove provides ANSI/ISEA 105:2016 Level A4 cut, Level 4 abrasion and Level 3 puncture protection combined with ANSI/ISEA Level 2 contact heat resistance

2019 Winners

MCR Safety – 9388NF

An 18-gauge glove with an ANSI cut level of A6 made with Kevlar® engineered yarn and steel. It features a comfortable fine-knit material and reinforced thumb crotch dip for fine motor skills to be easily conducted without sacrificing protection. 

ATG® Gloves – MaxiFlex® Cut™

Gloves lined with Kevlar® with an ANSI cut level of A4 that include ATG’s AIRtech® technology for 360° breathability and ATG’s DURAtech® coating that provides 18,000 abrasive cycles per mm.

Majestic 21285WR

A soft and durable goatskin glove lined with Kevlar® that achieves a level 3 arc resistance and an ANSI cut level of A4 that’s impact, water and oil resistant.

Ironclad Heatworx® Heavy Duty HW6X

A silicone-laminated shell lined with Kevlar® provides extreme heat protection that’s designed to withstand up to 600° F while being highly dexterous and comfortable for wearers.

Superior Glove S18KGDNE

An 18-gauge Kevlar composite filament fiber shell of protection that is the world’s thinnest, most comfortable arc flash level 3 rated glove.

Majestic Cut-Less with Kevlar®

A lightweight 18-gauge glove designed with Kevlar for high cut resistance, comfort and dexterity. This combination of materials created a comfortable, breathable, cut-resistant glove that doesn’t sacrifice mobility and has a touch screen compatible palm coating.

Protective Industrial Products 10-KVSYBH Sleeve

Kevlar Armor Blended Sleeve comprised of Kevlar patented engineered yarn. This combination achieves ANSI A5 cut protection with a blousy fit that can be used over bare arms or clothing without sacrificing dexterity.

MCR Safety Orange Kevlar® Sleeves

First sleeve available in cut level ANSI A5 consisting of high-visibility orange Kevlar engineered yarn.

Youngstown FR Ground Glove lined w/Kevlar®

Lined with 100% Kevlar® for improved cut, puncture and flame resistance with increased arc ratings. The Kevlar® fiber is sewn directly into the leather for a non-slip liner.

2018 Winners

Youngstown Glove Company 14” High- Voltage Protector

A flame-resistant 14” high-voltage leather protector lined with Kevlar, arc rated to 48 cal/cm2, puncture resistant to ANSI level 5 and cut-resistant to ANSI A3. Designed to fit over class 1 through 4 rubber insulation gloves.

2017 Winners

Ansell HyFlex 11-542

Kevlar engineered yarns make this the lightest weight, ANSI cut level 7 glove on the market, vs 2017 competitive set, with superior dexterity and all-day comfort.

Superior Glove Works Dexterity Cut-Resistant Glove

Cut-resistant glove made with Kevlar that offers ANSI A3 cut protection in an 18-gauge design for precision work and comfort.

SHOWA 4561 15-gauge

15-gauge, cut level ANSI A4 glove, consisting of Kevlar and utilizing SHOWA's Zorb-IT grip technology, which allows for stronger grip in oily and wet conditions.

Youngstown FR Waterproof Ultimate

An arc-rated, cut-resistant, flame-resistant and waterproof leather glove with a liner made of 100% Kevlar.

Protective Industrial Products Smart-Fit Sleeves

Smart-Fit sleeves made with Kevlar are light, comfortable and provide enduring protection against heat, cuts, lacerations and abrasions, providing arm cut protection with complete stretch recovery.

2016 Winners

MCR Safety Memphis Ninja N9878BNF

This 18-gauge shell is engineered with black Kevlar fiber and stainless steel to provide sensitivity to touch with ANSI A3 level cut protection.

Superior Glove Works Endura Deluxe

Deluxe, tan-colored welding glove features Kevlar stitching throughout and a Kevlar composite filament fiber blend. Select side-split cowhide for comfortable yet rugged service.

Protective Industrial Products G-Tek KEV 09-K1600

This high-cut ANSI A7, 13-gauge glove features a traditional Kevlar gold liner with black nitrile palm that provides excellent grip in wet and dry applications. Made with Kevlar Ultra technology, it is touch screen compatible.

Superior Glove Works Contender

7-gauge glove made with 50% Kevlar is specifically designed for the demanding requirements of automotive assembly and metal fabrication plants. The incorporation of spandex allows for a superior dexterity in a heavy-duty glove.

Protective Industrial Products G-Tek KEV 09-K1640

ANSI A4 13-gauge glove features an enhanced visibility red liner made with Kevlar engineered yarn and black nitrile palm that provides excellent grip in wet and dry applications.

Youngstown Glove Company Safety Lime Hybrid

Completely lined with Kevlar for added cut protection, the enhanced visibility safety lime stretch poly top of hand, durable goat-skin palm and reflective logos/fingertips add to the safety features.

2015 Winners

Ansell HyFlex 11-541

ANSI cut level 4, 18-gauge ultra-lightweight glove, made possible by patented Kevlar engineered yarns, provides outstanding cut resistance, dexterity and grip.

Superior Glove Works Contender SBKG

The unique spinning process used for this heavyweight knit glove helps cut and abrasion resistance remain consistent across the surface. The flame resistance of Kevlar enables the glove to be used around heat and sparks.

MCR Safety Memphis 9178NFO

Enhanced visibility orange glove is made possible by patented Kevlar engineered yarn. It's lightweight and comfortable; offers great dexterity; and provides high cut protection with an ANSI cut level 4.

Youngstown Glove Company FR Emergency Gas Glove

The first heat- and flame-resistant glove designed specifically for use in emergency gas situations features an extended gauntlet cuff that fits over FR suits to ensure total hand, wrist and forearm safety. The innermost liner is made of 100% Kevlar, which offers protection and comfort.

Worldwide Protective Products MATAKV/BK40

Worldwide Protective Products MATAKV/BK40

Designed specifically for high-risk automobile manufacturing and assembly operations. Incorporating Kevlar fiber produced the first ANSI level A7 rated glove in a steel-free, knitted format.

<span style="text-shadow: 3px 3px 3px #000"> “This year, the evolution of FR standards has led to a unique market opportunity for our partners to develop gloves which meet industrial workers’ changing needs.” </span>


ANSI® is a registered trademark of the American National Standards Institute®.

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