Biological hazard protection


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Protect Against Biological Hazards with DuPont™ Biohazard Suits.

DuPont provides a wide range of chemical protective clothing and biohazard suits — along with their specifications — to meet a broad spectrum of needs.

We believe our chemical protective clothing, when used properly as part of a protocol which includes other protective equipment and thorough personal hygiene practices, may help reduce the opportunity for contamination of worker’s skin and clothing by potentially infectious pathogens. Many of our fabrics and seams pass both ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671.

Examples of biological hazards include:

• Exposures to blood and bloodborne pathogens

• Pandemic preparedness and response

• Crime scene investigation and cleanup

• Bioterrorism incidents

• Prison cell extraction


DuPont™ Tychem® Biohazard Suits and Garments are Designed to Work:

ProShield® 80 coveralls use a hydrophobic breathable fabric that meets industry requirements for blood (ASTM F1670) and viral penetration (ASTM F1671) protecting against several bloodborne pathogen exposure risks.

Tychem® 2000 coveralls with taped seams offer lightweight protection and are available in high-visibility yellow or low-visibility gray for discretionary purposes.

Tychem® 5000 is available in a variety of designs including coveralls, aprons, and jacket/bib overall combos, all with taped seams. Available in tan for discretionary purposes.

Tychem® 9000 is available as coveralls and encapsulating suits with taped seams. Available in high-visibility yellow. Select styles are Certified to NFPA 1994, the Standard on Protective Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents.

Tychem® 10000 suits are available in high-visibility lime yellow with Level A design. Select styles Certified to NFPA 1994, the Standard on Protective Ensembles for First Responders to CBRN Terrorism Incidents.


Tyvek® protective apparel

Tyvek® helps offer an ideal balance of protection, durability and comfort to employees in industrial applications and contamination control environments, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive and utilities.


Tychem® gloves

If you face multiple chemical hazards, face them with confidence. Tychem® gloves are part of a single system for complete on-the-job protection. 


Tychem® garments

For protection against chemical dangers, industrial workers rely on Tychem® garments.


Find the right protective product for your application or industry with DuPont™ SafeSPEC™

Find the right protective product for your job with SafeSPEC™.

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