PPE Solutions for Utilities Industries Applications

PPE Solutions for Utilities Industries Applications



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Multiple workplace hazards in a dynamic work environment

Now more than ever, utility companies across the globe face increased competition, stricter regulations, limited government subsidies and social pressure for more clean energy sources.

To remain competitive, companies are upgrading to more efficient generation, transmission and distribution systems. These upgrades involve an important diversification of energy portfolio with a reduction in the single energy source from fossil fuels to different renewable sources.

As a result, workers in the utilities industry, who are responsible for providing electricity as an essential need for the world, are facing new and multiple workplace hazards in a very dynamic work environment. DuPont offers a broad range of PPE solutions to address these hazards, including:  Nomex® garments for thermal and electric arc flash hazards; gloves made with Kevlar® for mechanical and multi-hazard protection; Tyvek® garments for protection against fine  particle hazards and low level liquid splashes; Tychem®  garments and gloves for protection against a wide range of chemicals; and ProShield® garments for protection against dirt and grime.

Protection for every task


Arc flash protection along with heat and flame resistance
Better protection at longer exposures and higher temperatures
Inherent protection; can’t be washed out or worn away

Resists tears and abrasions
Extremely durable and long-lasting protective solutions

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