ProShield® garments


Protecting you against  non-hazardous light liquid splashes and dry particulates

ProShield® offers a range of comfortable, soft and breathable limited-use garments that protect against non-hazardous dry particles and light liquid splash applications typically found in industrial situations.


Find the right protection

ProShield® provides the right protection for the specific hazards you face.


ProShield® 6 SFR garments are designed to be worn over primary flame-resistant apparel, such as DuPont™ Nomex®.  ProShield® 6 SFR provides a barrier against the non-hazardous dirt, grease, grime, and aerosols that workers in potentially flammable or electric arc environments encounter every day, while not contributing to potential burn injury.

ProShield® 10 garments make it easier than ever to provide workers with a comfortable, quality coverall for those dirty work assignments, while cutting costs for disposable garments.  These spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) garments are soft, breathable, and lightweight, while providing protection against dirt, grime, and non-hazardous dry particles.

ProShield® 60 garments and accessories are composed of microporous film (MPF) laminated to a spunbonded polypropylene substrate.  Designed for greater comfort and mobility, they offer a barrier against non-hazardous particles, light liquid splash, and aerosols in many industrial applications.