Kevlar® Fibers


Light in Weight, High in Performance — Kevlar® Fiber

Versatile and strong, Kevlar® fiber is more than just a series of threads. DuPont™ Kevlar® fibers are used in a variety of clothing, accessories, and equipment to help make them safer and more durable. With five times the strength of steel based on an equal weight basis, it’s the go-to fiber for protective apparel and accessories.
Kevlar® fiber and filament come in a variety of types, each with its own unique set of properties and performance characteristics for different protection needs.

Kevlar® AP
A next-generation fiber that offers advanced performance, value, and increased design flexibility in many applications.

Kevlar® 29 (K29)
The original family of product types of Kevlar®, having similar tensile properties with many deniers and finishes. These yarns are used in ballistic applications, ropes and cables, protective apparel such as cut-resistant gloves, in life protection uses such as helmets, vehicular armoring, and plates, and as rubber reinforcement in tires and automotive hoses.

Kevlar® 49 (K49)
High-modulus type used primarily in fiber optic cable, textile processing, plastic reinforcement, ropes, cables, and composites for marine sporting goods and aerospace applications.

Kevlar® 100
Producer-colored Kevlar® yarns, used in ropes and cables, tapes and strappings, gloves and other protective apparel, and sporting goods.

Kevlar® 119
Higher-elongation, flexible-fatigue–resistant yarn types found in mechanical rubber goods, such as tires, automotive belts, and hoses.

Kevlar® 129
Lightweight, high-performance, and high-tenacity type of yarns used in motorcycle racing gear, life protection accessories, ropes and cables, and high-pressure hoses used in the oil and gas industry.

Kevlar® KM2
Woven into fabric meeting performance requirements for helmets and vests for military and high-performing UDs for spall liners.

Kevlar® KM2 Plus
High tenacity, high toughness, and finer denier fiber used in vests and helmet for both military and law enforcement officers.

Kevlar® AP
Kevlar® AP for Advanced Performance helps dramatically improve cost-effectiveness and design flexibility to manufacturers helping  them build leaner, more robust consumer and industrial products.


Threads of DuPont™ Kevlar® and DuPont™ Nomex®—protection innovation help connect science, public safety, and consumers alike.


Push harder. Dig deeper. Break boundaries⏤Products made with genuine Kevlar® help give everyday people the power to defy limits and Dare bigger™.