DuPont Learning and Development

At DuPont, we collaborate with leading universities, research institutions and professional organizations to provide our employees with unique opportunities for learning and development.

Accelerated Leadership Development Program

One of the most significant professional advancement initiatives DuPont has embarked on over the last year is our Accelerated Leadership Development Program (ALDP). The ALDP has been in place for several years and routinely monitors high-potential employees (top five percent) from both functional and business line management in order to prepare these top performers for higher level roles in the company. The objective of ALDP is to build a "succession pipeline" for critical and strategic leadership roles in DuPont through a rigorous candidate selection process, as well as timed and planned critical job assignments and experiences.

Targeted Development

Our DuPont learning and development programs provide on-the-job training to our employees to enhance their professional and personal skills. At DuPont, we look for people with a deep desire to work at the leading edge of their career fields, to develop the technologies of the future and to pursue excellence. When we select an employee, we invest in their career development so that, together, we can maintain our current market leadership and expand that leadership into new areas. Every business within the company has ongoing training programs and we’ve implemented a formal process known as Targeted Development that enables employees to plan their career development with their supervisors.

The DuPont University

We also promote new skill development through formal training. The DuPont University offers courses in areas including Leadership and Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Personal Skills, and Safety and Health.

We believe that the personal and professional growth of our employees contributes to the growth of our company. To that end, we encourage and foster individual initiative, mutual respect, personal dignity and an open and participative environment.