DuPont Work Life Balance

We can help solve the world’s greatest challenges by creating a work environment that brings out the best in our people.

Our goal at DuPont is to help our employees make deliberate choices about work-life balance so they can engage meaningfully with work, family, and their community. Therefore, we offer a variety of programs that allow our employees to tend to family responsibilities and take advantage of educational opportunities while advancing their careers. With professional guidance, a variety of programs and a flexible work culture, we enable and encourage our employees to achieve their greatest potential, while balancing their professional and personal lives.

Family Leave Program

Our Family Leave program allows full-time employees to take time away from work without affecting their benefits coverage or careers. It is available for maternity leave, paternity leave, adoption, the placement of a foster child, or to deal with the serious illness of a family member. Benefits continue at the same level as they were before the leave, and employees are able to return to the same or similar job of comparable pay and status.

Dependent Care Spending Accounts

Additional resources include Dependent Care Spending Accounts that allow employees to offset the cost of childcare with pretax dollars, backup childcare services and adoption assistance. We also offer guidance resources to provide employees with practical advice on parenting, education information and college planning, career advancement and more.

Flexible Work Practices

And finally, we offer a Flexible Work Practices that allow employees to juggle their personal obligations while enabling managers to meet their business needs. We see flexible work arrangements as a means of providing balance to the business and to employees’ needs, while maximizing team effectiveness. The requesting employee and their manager will discuss the employee’s Flexible Work proposal and what impact the proposal may have on the company and their business unit or function—instead of discussing the employee’s personal needs or reason for the request. This ensures the fair implementation of this very important benefit for all employees across the board.