Helping to Secure Canada’s Energy Future


DuPont has solutions designed to help address some of the most pressing challenges to securing our energy future in Canada and around the world. 

In addition to having a wide range of solutions to advance renewable energy, such as solar power and biofuels, DuPont also serves Canada’s conventional energy industry.  Our DuPont Consulting Services, Engineered Technology Solutions, and High Performance Materials can help to tackle key oil and gas industry issues including safety, the environment, reliability, and productivity.  Some of these solutions include products, services, and emerging technologies to:

  • Increase oil recovery from existing wells
  • Replace metal pipes with cost-effective alternatives
  • Increase pump reliability and performance
  • Reduce corrosion and erosion
  • Improve performance and lower costs in sealing applications
  • Maintain operational performance in wire and cable applications
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Protect employees and contractors

We offer a solution-based approach, backed by DuPont science and innovation.  Our value comes from understanding the challenges facing the oil and gas industry, leveraging DuPont’s global technology expertise and having more than 200 years of experience as an owner and operator of a global company.