Reliable Wind Energy Solutions

In collaboration with CG Power and Areva Wind, DuPont helped design a reliable offshore wind turbine for the growing renewable energy industry in Germany

After the shipbuilding industry diminished in Bremerhaven Germany, the town had to look to new areas for growth.  Situated on the North Sea, they were in a prime location for embracing wind farms, but needed the right materials to combat the harsh conditions.  DuPont Protection Technologies has been able to provide the right materials to enable wind energy in this region.

Working with CG Power and Areva Wind, DuPont collaborated to help ensure the reliability of wind turbines placed in harsh North Sea conditions.  At the CG Power factory, Xavier Fanichet explains how the wind turbines use transformers constructed with DuPont™ Nomex®, providing increased durability and reliability to turbines that will spend the next few years out on the high seas.

With the help of companies like DuPont and Areva Wind, Bremerhaven has been revived and acts as an example of how wind power can be a viable renewable energy source for the future.



Areva Wind

CG Power Systems

  • Challenge: Energy
  • Industry: Electricity Generation & Distribution
  • Location: Bremerhaven, Germany

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