Generating Sustainable Energy on Wind Farms

Windpower - Remarkable, Renewable Energy

By 2020, experts predict that wind power can generate about 12 percent of our planet’s growing electricity needs. As a greater number of turbines appear on wind farms around the world, ensuring their reliability becomes essential to the success of the industry. Like other natural resources, dependable wind isn’t always found in convenient places, and turbines perched atop 400-foot towers, in remote terrain, or out at sea are an industry reality, and not always a practical one. Repair and replacement of their components in these remote wind farm locations can be difficult at best.

CG Power Systems and DuPont first agreed in 2000 to focus on developing high-temperature, fire-resistant, fluid-filled transformers primarily targeted to the wind segment. They would be capable of handling severe overloads, smaller and more lightweight at a given power rating, and, most importantly, more reliable and flexible than ever before. The result of this tight collaboration is the SLIM® and Bio-SLIM® transformers — enabled by the use of Nomex® insulation — which are durable, fire-safe, long-living, and low-maintenance in even the harshest environments.

Onshore, CG Power Systems has delivered SLIM® transformers for the highest (205 meters) and the largest (7.5 MW) wind turbines in the world in 2009. And since installing its first offshore turbine in Frederikshavn, Denmark, in 2002, CG Power Systems has become the market leader for transformers in offshore wind farms through major turbine manufacturers in Europe. RATP, the Paris public transport authority, has installed about 100 SLIM® and Bio-SLIM® traction transformers in and around the city to supply electric power to the underground (Métro) and suburban rail (RER) systems. The partnership between CG Power Systems and DuPont has been successful in helping grow the wind turbine market for almost 10 years.


  • CHALLENGE: Energy
  • INDUSTRY: Renewable Energy
  • LOCATION: Frederikshavn, Denmark; France; Belgium

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