Building Safer Roads with High-Performance Asphalt

DuPont provided Odebrecht with polymer science that helped it build a safer road and trade route across Peru and Brazil.

A passion for working together can help us bridge oceans by building safer roads.

Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht was committed to creating a safe throughway that would connect the Atlantic with the Pacific across the remote, mountainous areas of Peru. And DuPont knew exactly which performance modifiers would work best with the asphalt to ensure it would endure a wide range of temperature and terrain shifts. DuPont’s engineers worked with Odebrecht to develop a formulation with Elvaloy® resin in the road’s asphalt. In one of the most remote parts of the world, this new road proved a great benefit to the many communities along its length.

This safer road now brings more opportunities to the Andean communities whose mobility was limited before its construction.



  • CHALLENGE: Protection
  • INDUSTRY: Infrastructure
  • LOCATION: Peru