Lavoisier Medalists are extraordinary scientists and engineers.

Lavoisier Medal
DuPont Lavoisier Award recognizes extraordinary lifetime technical achievement

The DuPont Lavoisier Medal honors men and women throughout the history of DuPont whose extraordinary technical achievements have resulted in significant business impact and enduring scientific value.

Eighteenth century French scientist Antoine Laurent Lavoisier is considered the father of modern chemistry.  Through his observations and studies, Lavoisier was the first to conclude that water was a compound of the two gases we call oxygen and hydrogen. This fact supplied the keystone for building the science of chemistry. His major work, Traité élémentaire de chimie (1789), contains the concepts which set chemistry on its modern path.  

There is a close personal connection between the father of modern chemistry and the founder of the DuPont Company. E.I. du Pont apprenticed under Lavoisier in gunpowder research and production. In 1802 E.I. du Pont established a company on the banks of the Brandywine River to manufacture high quality black powder for this emerging nation.  E.I. had not only learned the most advanced powder making technologies from Lavoisier, he had absorbed the spirit of innovation.

It is an appropriate tribute that the medals awarded to outstanding scientists and engineers in DuPont bear the name Lavoisier. In scientific thought, in dedication to theory, observation and experimentation, in the breadth of efforts in public service, they are all both honorable and brilliant.



Mario Nappo, Synethic Chemist
2013 Lavoisier Medalist

2013 Lavoisier Medalist

Mario J. Nappa, DuPont Fellow, at DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts, is recognized for his extraordinary track record of chemical inventiveness, problem solving, networking, leadership characteristics, and execution skills. An exceptional chemist with a thorough knowledge of synthetic organofluorine chemistry married with his advanced skills in physical chemistry has led to great success. During his 32 year career at DuPont, Mario’s contributions have delivered groundbreaking ideas to support developments in the field of fluorine chemistry resulting in the creation of significant intellectual property and incredible revenue potential for DuPont.  Dr. Nappa’s research has focused on the development of alternative refrigerants, solvents, propellants, and blowing agents and he has served as a role model for both young scientists and peers throughout DuPont. Today, he provides a leadership role in the collaborative research programs developing the next generation fluorochemical alternatives and continues to test the limits and explore the potential of fluoromonomers, hydrofluorcarbon catalysis, next generation refrigerants, foaming agents, fire extinguishants, solvents, and fluorinated electronic gases.



Scott Tingey, Molecular Biologist
2012 Lavoisier Medalist

2012 Lavoisier Medalist

Scott V. Tingey, Molecular Geneticist and Research Director, DuPont Ag Biotech (Retired), is recognized for his exceptional contributions to biotechnology research and his leadership role in placing DuPont at the forefront of genomics technology applications to crop improvement. As a result of Scott’s 27+ years of research, DuPont has a vast archive of genomics data that informs its discovery and development programs and has world-leading enabling technologies for molecular breeding. These competencies have enabled the development of new products through marker assisted breeding and transgenic plant creation and provided the foundation for intellectual property creation and enforcement.  Dr. Tingey led the Genetic Discovery program at DuPont Pioneer which continues to conduct research to understand the genetic basis of traits and the consequences of epigenetic modifications that will enable the discovery of traits that would not be identified through conventional DNA sequence-based approaches alone



Marc Albertsen, Plant Breeder and Geneticist
2011 Lavoisier Medalist

2011 Lavoisier Medalist

Marc Albertsen, Senior Research Fellow, at DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred, is recognized for his exceptional contributions in reproductive biology and his champion role bringing the benefits of biotechnology to developing agriculture in Africa. As one of the founding members of the Pioneer biotechnology research community, Dr. Albertsen led the establishment of an industry-leading reproductive biology group that has delivered two generations of hybrid seed production technologies (SPT) to the Pioneer corn business. Pioneer is now adapting the latest version of the corn SPT technology to change hybrid production systems in other crops.  Looking to the future, Marc is using his expertise and academic network to improve understanding of plant reproduction for potential new products.  


The DuPont Lavoisier Academy

Through 2011, DuPont has inducted 84 scientists and engineers into the Lavoisier Academy

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