DuPont Research and Development Focus

Research Focus
DuPont research is aimed at addressing global needs


DuPont research is focused on global challenges. 85% of our $2 billion research and development investment in 2011 was focused on increasing food production, decreasing dependence on fossil fuels and protecting people and the environment.

DuPont research helps drives solutions to these challenges through inclusive innovation. More than 9,500 DuPont scientists and engineers in every corner of the world are working with customers, governments, business partners and others to create solutions that meet the unique needs of people around the world.

A Sustained Commitment to DuPont Research

Customers around the world are drawn to DuPont by the breadth and depth of our science and technology and by our reputation as a serial innovator over many decades. The broad network of strong core technologies in DuPont research, coupled with our ability to selectively combine these technologies, help us achieve unique solutions to marketplace demands.