The European Technical Center

Meyrin Laboratory
The European Technical Center is DuPont’s main development and customer support site in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The European Technical Center is in Meyrin, Switzerland.   Established in 1989, the European Technical Center (ETC) was the first of DuPont’s regional labs.  Today the ETC is the main research, product and application development and customer support center for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Hosting seven businesses, the ETC is a global center for injection molding, extrusion blow-molding, and cosmetics.  Nearly 200 researchers support polymer and advanced materials innovation from early development through commercialization, leveraging a wide range of processing, prototyping technologies and testing expertise.  The ETC focuses on photovoltaic, automotive, aerospace, transportation, food and beverage, cosmetics, oil and gas, and safety and protection industries.

Regional Research & Development Centers

DuPont’s four regional Research & Development Centers are comprehensive laboratory facilities that conduct research across multiple fields and facilitate collaboration with partners in business, government, academia, and local communities.   Their mission is to develop product and application platforms in support of markets worldwide and industries of today and tomorrow.   DuPont scientists and engineers at these sites have an intimate understanding of customers and industries.  This awareness helps researchers bring together technologies, capabilities, materials, and offerings in collaboration with partners around the world to deliver complete solutions tailored to specific market needs.