Shanghai, China – DuPont Research & Development Center

Shanghai Laboratory

Shanghai, China is the home to the China Research & Development Center (CTC).  This lab is DuPont’s main center for research, product development, customer support, and materials testing in China.

Scientists and engineers at CTC are involved in materials research for photovoltaic, automotive, bio-based applications, packaging, chemical, and safety and protection markets.  They also provide analytical capability for materials characterization, failure analysis, performance properties, and DNA profiling to advance agricultural biotechnologies.  

Regional Research & Development Centers

DuPont’s four regional Research & Development Centers are comprehensive laboratory facilities that conduct research across multiple fields and facilitate collaboration with partners in business, government, academia, and local communities.   Their mission is to develop product and application platforms in support of markets worldwide and industries of today and tomorrow.   DuPont scientists and engineers at these sites have an intimate understanding of customers and industries.  This awareness helps researchers bring together technologies, capabilities, materials, and offerings in collaboration with partners around the world to deliver complete solutions tailored to specific market needs.