Integrated science drives unique solutions.

Integrated science helps DuPont create high-value solutions
Integrated science helps DuPont create high-value solutions

With the global population on a pace to reach 9 billion by 2050, the world faces transformational changes and new challenges. DuPont is responding with innovation aimed at market needs. We’re collaborating with customers, governments, partners and public/private alliances to create market-driven solutions that can help provide for the food, energy and protection needs of a growing population.

Food Solutions
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Energy Solutions

See examples of DuPont integrated science applied to increasing energy security

Protection Solutions
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We believe that the biggest advances, the ones with the power to solve the toughest problems and transform society, come at the intersections of technologies. We’re focused on making breakthroughs by selectively combining our uniquely broad network of strong core technologies in remarkable new ways. We call this approach integrated science.

How Enabling Technologies Enhance Our Core Technologies

At the foundation of DuPont’s integrated science is an important collection of enabling technologies that we draw upon to advance our research and development through from the lab to the market.  Our enabling technologies include engineering, modeling and simulation, analytical science and regulatory science.

Transforming Science Into Market-Driven Innovation

Innovation occurs at the nexus of technology and markets. To provide solutions to difficult challenges, science must be transformed into innovation that creates value in the marketplace. Our mission is to create sustainable growth for the partners in our value chains, as well as for all our stakeholders. Integrated science supports this mission by helping us apply market insight, collaboration and commercial scale to everything we do.

DuPont has a long history of collaboration. Today’s global challenges are too complex for any one company. So we are positioned to reach outside for complementary technologies and skills that help develop complete and practical solutions. Partnerships with customers, government agencies, academia and public or private companies are increasingly important to our success. 

To truly make a difference in the world, innovations must be economically viable at a scale big enough to matter.  We call that commercial scale.  Solving problems at commercial scale requires that research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution and customer service all work together.  Teamwork creates superior value for DuPont and our customers.