DuPont Scientists & Engineers

DuPont scientists and engineers innovate globally.

Our 10,000 technical colleagues work in more than 150 facilities worldwide. They connect market insight to a broad range of technologies, to help meet global needs for food, protection and energy through innovation.

Since our founding in 1802, DuPont has pioneered the development and application of science to become the world’s most dynamic science company. DuPont scientists and engineers have always provided the knowledge and ingenuity to create new solutions and make existing solutions work better.  Today more than ever before, the world needs scientists and engineers to invent and develop new ways to feed, protect, and energize a rapidly growing population.  The DuPont culture is a catalyst for innovation, from crop protection to renewable energy to helping make vehicles lighter or protective equipment stronger.  DuPont creates positive reactions by combining a history of expertise in materials, applications, and process development with insight about customer needs and an amazing breadth and depth of scientific knowledge – as reflected in the profiles on this page.