DuPont Science Innovation

DuPont Innovation Delivers Continuous, Sustainable Growth

DuPont is uniquely positioned to innovate at the meeting point of science and markets.

All our businesses call upon our world-class science and technology and our deep understanding of commercial value chains and market knowledge to deliver value-added solutions for customers. This total system of innovation continually renews our portfolio, creates new product lines, and transforms markets to deliver results for our shareholders. In 2013, this system generated $10 billion in revenue from new products launched over the prior four years.

DuPont delivers new product offerings in multiple complementary ways:

We are constantly renewing our portfolio and improving our existing products.  Portfolio renewal and growth involves drawing from a broad variety of our scientific and technical capabilities  to help keep our product lines fresh and differentiated for our customers. These products are aimed at enhancing and improving our existing and related market spaces and products.
We are always striving to develop new innovative products that expand our capabilities by delivering blockbuster new products in existing market spaces and penetrate new markets with current technologies.  These step-change innovations drive growth by drawing from our broad system of capabilities.
Also, we continuously pursue the next wave of transformational innovation for which DuPont is known.  Transformational innovation creates entirely new businesses and opens new markets.  These innovations are driven by our fundamental research platform and also draw from our entire base of technical know-how.

Science and Technology at DuPont

DuPont invests over $1.7 billion per year in research and development. We have over 9,500 scientists and engineers, located in more than 150 facilities across six continents. Learn more about our locations, scientists and the breadth of DuPont science.