What We License: A Broad Range of Available DuPont Technologies

Covering the gamut from chemical process technology to devices.

DuPont has active licensing programs with thousands of licensees worldwide across most industries. We license from a portfolio that ranges from world-scale chemical manufacturing plants to lab scale analytical instruments, micro-reactors to manufacturing devices and high performance materials. We provide operational know-how, patent licenses, yield-enhancing process improvements, software and safer operating techniques.

The DuPont TechnologyBank

The DuPont™ TechnologyBank™ offers a wide array of intellectual assets and technology that may be available for licensing for your business or project. Start exploring the DuPont™ TechnologyBank™

Technology of the Month
Precise mass spectrometric quantitation of proteins and other biopolymers.

A Broad Range of Licensing Opportunities

A wide range of DuPont technologies are available for license, including many of our newest and best technologies. Areas of licensing include:

Technology Licensing

New, developed, and commercial technologies related to DuPont technical focus areas.

Intellectual Property Licensing

Licensing under special agreement of active patents, know-how, and associated applications technology.

Chemical Processing Licensing

Licensing of complex manufacturing and processing technologies, as well as the potential for providing assistance with or technical service for design, construction, commissioning, start-up or training.

Markets Our Technologies Serve

DuPont can provide a complete process or a single performance enhancement. Our technologies have application across a large range of markets, including:

  • Food, Food Safety and Packaging
  • Seeds and Crop Protection
  • Construction
  • Materials – plastic, paper and metals
  • Motor vehicle construction
  • Electronics, wire and cable insulation and electrical appliances and machinery
  • Personal and health care
  • Printing and publishing