Market-Facing Goals

Our 2015 market-facing goals identify opportunities where we put our research and development dollars to develop new products and services that help our customers and consumers meet their needs and expectations.

Here is how we performed in 2012:

Goal: Double investment to $640 million in R&D programs with direct, quantifiable environmental benefits for our customers and consumers.
Progress: $879 million invested in R&D for products that reduce environmental impacts.

Goal: Introduce at least 1,000 new products or services that help make people safer globally.
Progress: Grew to 1661 products or services that make people safer.

Goal: Increase annual revenue by at least $2 billion from products that create energy efficiency and/or significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We estimate these products will contribute at least 40 million tons of additional CO2 equivalent reductions by our customers consumers.
Progress: Grew to $2 billion in revenue from products that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Goal: Nearly double revenue from non-depletable resources to at least $8 billion.
Progress: Grew to $11.8 billion in revenue.