Employee Engagement

DuPont Sustainable Growth Excellence Awards.

Each year, our awards demonstrate how our employees help meet our commitment to sustainable growth, the creation of shareholder and societal value while we reduce our environmental footprint.

We are proud to present the teams that have won the 2011 DuPont Sustainable Growth Excellence Award. As part of the award, each team got to select a charitable organization to receive a DuPont grant.

Collaboration Unlocks Answers

With the need for housing for underprivileged families in Mexico, DuPont and its customer, Repshel, looked for a sustainable solution to provide healthier and safer spaces. See how DuPont collaborates to provide sustainable homes for underprivileged families in Mexico

Business needs sustainable raw materials

DuPont Performance Polymers (DPP) consumes thousands of raw materials to make engineering resins for injection molding. View how a DuPont team in DPP learned how a business cannot be sustainable if the raw materials are not.

Changing how we fuel the world

A DuPont team collaborated across multiple sites, functions and organizational structures to develop and scale up a novel, integrated technology package to produce ethanol from agricultural wastes such as corn stover and energy crops such as switchgrass. Learn how the cellulosic ethanol team is changing how we fuel the world

Recycling the market paradigms

Learn how a DuPont team is recycling the market paradigms.

Let’s stay out of the landfill

Learn how a DuPont team decided to stay out of the landfill in order to achieve zero landfill for several product lines within the DuPont Building Innovations business.

Revolutionary enzymes

Producing textiles is energy- and material-intensive, and utilizes large volumes of water. Learn how a DuPont team opened a new market with revolutionary enzymes.